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WTC Advocacy & Policy Committee

As the voice of international trade of la and the gulf coast region, The World Trade Center New Orleans Policy & Advocacy Committee acts as our conduit for advocacy, operating at the local, state, and federal levels to represent the needs of our business community on policies that affect international trade. The Committee aims to help create an environment that bolsters trade efficiencies and opportunities throughout the state, and it strives to remove roadblocks to our continued success. Through our advocacy work, World Trade Center New Orleans’ clients gain access to congressional leadership in Baton Rouge, LA and Washington, D.C. We make your voice heard on trade agreements, policy changes, tariffs, regulations, compliance, and all other trade related matters. WTCNO serves as the state’s premier, internationally focused advocacy organization, protecting and representing companies both big and small in Louisiana. This Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

WTC Agriculture, Specialty Food & Beverage Committee

The Agriculture, Specialty Food & Beverage Committee provides purpose and a forum to Louisiana’s food, beverage and agriculture sector. With respect to international trade, this committee works to bring awareness to our businesses serving sector to sell internationally and to enhance Louisiana’s ability to strengthen the export/import opportunities for agriculture and food-based businesses. The Committee is charged with coordinating an annual Agriculture, Specialty Food and Beverage Program. This Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

WTC Data Security & Privacy Committee

The Data Security and Privacy Committee is focused on data privacy and system security issues as they affect business and the stability and security of critical infrastructure, as well as electronic commerce. The Committee conducts programs that present thought leadership in the areas of data privacy, cyber security, electronic transactions, and infrastructure cyber-safety and security, and other topics of value to the WTC New Orleans community. Any stakeholders interested in the protection and integrity of data and processes, including facilities integral to commerce, trade, and infrastructure sustainability, should consider participating in one or more of our programs, which we hope to hold quarterly.

WTC Energy Committee

We believe that the Energy Committee can best serve the goals of WTCNO by providing our committee members and WTCNO members, as well as all WTCNO members, with alerts and analysis concerning the impact of upcoming policy changes on the health of the Louisiana economy as well as with the health of the ports and transportation systems in Louisiana. In addition to welcoming any WTCNO members to our scheduled meetings, we can also be available for specific programs, including meetings with other specialized committees of the WTCNO, such as Governmental Affairs. Obviously, we can also commit to attending and participating in upcoming executive meetings when invited to do so. Ultimately our committee goal is to facilitate the effectiveness of the WTCNO and its members as they examine both opportunities and threats that emerge from Louisiana’s energy and petrochemical sectors. Chair: David E. Dismukes, Professor, Executive Director and Director of Policy Analysis, Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University This Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

WTC International Business Committee

The International Business Committee is formed to conduct programs of value for WTC New Orleans members on a quarterly basis important to international trade. Focus includes international, national and state government public policy that impacts international trade, international business best practices, trends in international business, and technology that enhances international trade practices. Co-Chair: Larry Collins, Executive Director, Office of International Commerce, Louisiana Economic Development Co-Chair: Michael Olivier, CEO, Committee of 100 for Economic Development, Inc. This Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

WTC Investor Committee

The WTC Investor committee keeps track of investor fees and looks for ways to attract and secure new investors to our organization. Committee members also works with the WTC leadership and the committee chair to create strategies to keep our current investors informed, active and engaged to preserve the WTC’s investor retention. The committee will also assist in organizing and participating in new investor drives or programs, setting up social media campaigns along with conducting an annual investor survey. This committee exists to keep our investors notified of how their investment in the World Trade Center benefits them. This is an excellent committee for new to business or young professionals looking for a legitimate reason to call and to secure new clients. Chair: Nyka Scott, Counsel/Client Development Liaison, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz

WTC Trade Executive Network (TEN)

The WTCNO’s recent expansion, TEN, is focused on connecting New Orleans’ brightest entrepreneurs, artists, and business leaders to share ideas and opportunities for growth. TEN’s primary goal for its inaugural year is to host events in 2021 to foster member engagement with WTCNO and aspects of its lesser known history and positive impacts on international trade upstarts. We plan to organize a special attendance at a NOLA Gold Rugby match this spring, host a morning coffee tasting with some of New Orleans’ best coffee bean importers and roasters, and sponsor an evening art auction and wine tasting. Chair: Alex Johnson, Associate, Leake & Andersson, LLP

WTC Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee meets quarterly to discuss regional transportation and infrastructure initiatives, and recommends and highlights policies and projects to the World Trade Center’s Advocacy and Education efforts that will increase awareness of Louisiana’s multi-modal transportation system. This includes policies and regulations relevant to Louisiana’s international trade economy. The Committee is charged with coordinating an annual Transportation Program. Chair: William “Billy” App, Jr., President & CEO, J.W. Allen & Co., Inc. Vice-Chair: Kristi App, Vice President, Business Development Vice-Chair: Robert “Rusty” Barkerding, Jr., President, Admiral Security Services, Inc. This Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis.