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WTC Digital Commerce & Cybersecurity Committee

Lacey Bordelon
JEDCO, Vice President & COO
Ed Webb
LegisLink, LLC, Chief Executive Officer
Meaghan McCormack
World Trade Center New Orleans, VP of Marketing & Communications
Michelle Citron
C.E. Oil Tool & Supply
Caroline Castigliola
World Trade Center New Orleans, VP of Business Development
Wendi Couvillion French
Wyndston Services, GIS & Business Consulting Services
Wendi Couvillion French has a  rich toolbox of analytical skills to develop operational dashboards tied to spatial logistics for strategic growth...
Ed Webb
World Trade Center New Orleans, Chief Executive Officer
Richard Robinson
Cynash, Inc., CEO
Devin Ricci
Kean Miller LLP, Partner / Registered Patent Attorney
Jessica Engler
Kean Miller LLP
Andrew Abrams
Andrew C. Abrams LLC
Andrew C. Abrams is a partner at O'Bryon & Schnabel, PLC bringing to the firm over a decade of experience in the areas of civil defense litigation,...
Louis Grossman
Kean Miller LLP